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List of products by manufacturer BLACKWING

  • Extra hard (HB) pencil. Hexagonal wooden barrel with dark grey finish. Grey ferrule with a gold stripe, a dark gold imprint and a red eraser. Edition 2022.

  • Hovel flat pencil sharpener. Made of black anodised aluminium. Includes matching black wooden base and 10 carbon steel replacement blades. Allows you to change the angle while sharpening. Sharpens all types of pencils without breaking the lead.

  • Blackwing starter set containing: 4 Blackwing pencils with a range of soft, balanced, firm and extra-firm graphite, 1 single-step long point sharpener and 1 pack of spare erasers. Presentation in decorated cardboard box.

  • Pencil with firm hardness Japanese graphite lead and hexagonal wooden body. Metallic copper design inspired by the classic copper coffee roasting machines found in many coffee shops during the 50's and 60's.

  • Soft Japanese graphite pencil (4B) with hexagonal cedar wood body. White ferrule and white replaceable rubber. Pencils decorated with the colors of the rainbow. Tribute to the American educator Corita Kent.

  • Firm hardness pencil perfect for sketching and drawing. Hexagonal wood body with a halftone design that is a nod to the 64-color palette used in early comics. Unique duplicate print inspired by comic book lettering.

  • Graphite pencil with extra hardness and hexagonal wooden body in black and yellow. Square ferrule with replaceable yellow eraser. Created as a tribute to Bruce Lee, inspired by the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do.

  • Pencil extension made of machined aluminum with a firm rubber tip to ensure a perfect fit. The simple design allows the extender to slide into the existing ferrule clip and works all Blackwing models.

  • Extra firm hardness pencil (HB). Hexagonal wooden body with blue finish. Distinctive gold stripe, gold Blackwing Palomino print, gold splint and white eraser. Limited edition.

  • Extra firm hardness (HB) pencil with orange wooden body and hexagonal shape. Includes a gold Blackwing Palomino print and signature gold stripe. Gold ferrule and white eraser. Limited edition.

  • Balanced graphite pencil. Perfect for both writing and drawing. Hexagonal finish and square matte black ferrule with earth tone eraser. Tribute to the folk musician Woody Guthrie and his mythical song This land is your land.

  • Replacement erasers for Blackwing pencils in a 10-pack. Soft and with a rectangular design adapted to fit on the back ferrule of your favorite Blackwing pen. Available in various colors.

  • Blackwing pencil sharpener in one step for long point. Precisely sharpens graphite core and wood. Small and convenient to move. Made of aluminum with a German steel blade. The can can hold up to three sharpening before emptying.

  • Blackwing long point pencil sharpener in two steps. Sharpen the wood first and then sharpen the graphite core with greater precision, achieving a fine point. Matte rubber finish with added grip. Includes two spare parts for German steel blades.

  • Blackwing pencil nib holder made of lightweight aluminum. It allows to keep the tip protected and intact when being transferred in bags, cases or in the pencil holder.

  • Blackwing graphite pencil volumes XIX, tribute to the 19th Amendment and the continuing fight for women's suffrage. Hexagonal wooden barrel in purple with white and gold printing. Silver striped ferrule and purple rubber.

  • Roll-up pencil case designed to hold Blackwing pens, a notepad and a pencil sharpener (not included). Crafted from waxed canvas and black leather, it maintains a low profile when rolled up. Includes 5 Blackwing 602 pens.

  • Blackwing Pearl pencil, from the basic Palomino Blackwing line, with medium soft Japanese graphite lead, firmer than Blackwing 602. Elegant pearl white finish and hexagonal shape. Square gold-plated ferrule with white eraser.

  • Blackwing Matte graphite pencil that creates a smooth, dark line by having the softest lead of the 4 Blackwing Palomino models. Timeless matte black finish with gold square cap with black eraser. Ideal for musicians.

  • Box of 12 Blackwing Colors single core pencils in smooth and smooth color and cedar wood. Each pencil has a semi-hexagonal outer shape and a metal cap on the top that adds a little weight and provides balance and comfort.

  • Palomino's legendary Blackwing 602 pencil. Premium Japanese graphite core mixed with clay for strength and cedar for smoothness (their motto is: half the pressure, double the speed). Cedar wood and pink eraser.

  • Blackwing Natural pencil from the basic Palomino line. Extra firm Japanese graphite. Hexagonal shaped cedar incense wood body, transparent matte natural finish and square gold ferrule with replaceable gray eraser.