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List of products by manufacturer BLACKWING

  • Blackwing Volume 710 pencil with soft graphite ideal for drawing or writing songs. Hexagonal barrel with lines and curves representing visual and musical expression, tribute to Jerry Garcia. Black ferrule and aquamarine eraser.

  • Limited edition 2024 pencil with 2B firm Japanese graphite lead. A tribute to independent bookshops around the world. Beautiful gold criss-cross pattern on an elegant blue tone. Gold coloured ferrule with blue eraser.

  • Case made of black canvas with metal zip and soft close. Holds up to 36 Blackwing pencils or other artist tools. Strong and durable canvas. Ideal for travel, outdoors, urban sketching, plein air, etc.

  • Blackwing Volume 2 pencil with extra firm graphite and hexagonal barrel finished in black and decorated with glow-in-the-dark blue cracks, silver-coloured imprint and ferrule with light yellow eraser.

  • Introductory set of 4 Blackwing pencils with different hardness grades. Perfect as a gift or to try the most classic models of the brand. Magnificent exterior finish, hexagonal body and golden ferrule with rectangular eraser.

  • Blackwing Volume 17 pencil with medium hardness graphite inspired by the practice of gardening and meditation. Olive green finish, printed ruler on the side to keep track of your plants' growth. Bordeaux coloured eraser ferrule.

  • Blackwing 602 Short pencil with firm, smooth graphite core. Hexagonal barrel finished in lead grey, gold coloured imprint and ferrule with light pink eraser. Ideal for travel, easy to store and comfortable to use.

  • Varnished solid mahogany upright stand for displaying 4 pencils. Perfect as a gift, for collectors of the brand and to display your favourite pencils. Includes holes for wall mounting. Engraved with Blackwing logo on the side.

  • Blackwing desk sharpener with quality blades for excellent sharpness. Retracts pencil without scratching and prevents over-sharpening. Large capacity compartment to keep your desk clean. Adjustable orifice. Easy to use.

  • Set of 3 replacement blades. Made of German steel and designed for use with the One-Step sharpener. Easy to replace. Presented in an elegant black box.

  • The Blackwing Eras 2023 Edition pencil is inspired by the classic yellow Van Dyke 601 pencil. Hexagonal barrel made of yellow cedar wood. Japanese graphite corresponds to a 2B. Dark grey ferrule with gold band. Red eraser.

  • Pencil with bright red lead, ideal for marking, editing and sketching. Matt red wooden barrel, golden ferrule, white print and replaceable eraser. Each set contains 4 red pencils.

  • Set of 4 coloured pencils with blue lead for marking and drawing. Blue wooden barrel with golden ferrule. Replaceable white eraser.

  • Blackwing Pearl Blue pencil with medium-soft lead made of Japanese graphite. Pearl blue finish. Hexagonal cedar wood grip with silver embossing. Silver coloured square ferrule with denim blue eraser.

  • Blackwing Pearl Pink granulated coloured pencil. Medium-soft Japanese graphite, comparable to a 2B pencil. Hexagonal grip made of Californian cedar wood with silver embossing. Silver ferrule and clip with blue, removable eraser.

  • Slate notebook with white, matt cover. 160 ivory coloured pages. Weight: 100 g. For graphite and ink. Flat cover. Includes Blackwing Pearl pencil. Available in dotted, white or lined paper.

  • Slate notebook with matt black cover. 160 pages in ivory-coloured paper, 100 g. Flat binding. Includes a Blackwing Matte pencil. Available with dotted, white or lined paper.

  • Blackwing Volume 223 notebook in A5 format with 160 pages made of high-quality, lined 80 g paper. Cardboard cover, inspired by the personal notebooks of musician Woody Guthrie. Stitched binding

  • A set of two notepads inspired by Bruce Lee´s personal portfolios. Each pad contains 80 sheets of 80 g lined paper. Easy to carry in your pocket.

  • Balanced graphite pencil (HB). Hexagonal shape and square ferrule with pink eraser. A homage to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. The width of each colour block is the sum of the widths of the two previous blocks.

  • Pencil with balanced hardness (HB) and hexagonal barrel made of cedar wood. Black ferrule with golden clip and orange-coloured eraser. A tribute to animation. Each set of 12 pencils contains six different motifs.

  • Extra strong graphite pencil. Hexagonal shape and square, golden ferrule with replaceable orange-coloured eraser. Embossed polyhedron design, inspired by board game dice.

  • Japanese pencil made of solid graphite with a shaft made of Californian cedar wood. Maroon lacquered exterior with gold trim. With this collaboration, Blackwing joins forces with independent bookshops and the world of literature.

  • Black pencil cap with white dots Volume 20 Limited Edition. Design inspired by board game dice. Made from lightweight aluminium. Keeps the tip protected and intact.

  • Pack of 4 pencil caps Volume 65 dedicated to the theme of comics. Made from lightweight aluminium. Contains Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. They allow you to keep the tip of your pencils protected and intact.

  • Blackwing eraser made of particularly soft material that erases cleanly. The holder is made of sturdy aluminium and contains a jumbo version of the Blackwing eraser.

  • Extra strong Blackwing 192 graphite pencils. A tribute to John Lennon and Paul McCartney and the 192 songs they wrote together. Each pencil is stamped with a Lennon-McCartney text (twelve different texts in total).

  • Extra hard (HB) pencil. Hexagonal wooden barrel with dark grey finish. Grey ferrule with gold stripes, dark gold imprint and red eraser. 2022 edition.

  • Flat Hovel sharpener made of black anodised aluminium. Includes matching black wooden base and 10 carbon steel replacement blades. Allows you to change the angle when sharpening. Sharpens all types of pencils without breaking the lead.

  • Blackwing starter set. Contains: 4 Blackwing pencils with different types of graphite (soft, balanced, firm and extra firm), 1 One-Step sharpener fro long tips and 1 pack of spare erasers. Presented in a decorative cardboard box.

  • Pencils with solid Japanese graphite lead and hexagonal wooden barrel. Dedicated to the Beat Generation. Metallic copper design, inspired by the classic coffee roasting machines that could be found in many cafés in the 50s and 60s.

  • Graphite pencils with soft Japanese graphite (4B) and hexagonal cedar wood shaft. White ferrule and replaceable white eraser. The pencils are decorated with rainbow colours. A tribute to the American educator Corita Kent.

  • Hard pencils that are perfect for sketching and drawing. Hexagonal wooden body with a design reminiscent of the 64-colour palette of early comics. Unique duplicate print inspired by comic book lettering.

  • Extra hard graphite pencils with hexagonal wooden shaft in black and yellow. Square ferrule with yellow, replaceable eraser. A tribute to Bruce Lee, inspired by the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do.

  • Milled aluminium pencil extender with a firm rubber tip that ensures a perfect fit. The design allows the extender to slide into the clip of the existing Blackwing sleeve and works with all Blackwing models.

  • Extra hard (HB) pencil with orange-coloured wooden barrel and hexagonal shape. With a gold-coloured Blackwing Palomino imprint and the characteristic gold-coloured stripe. Golden ferrule and white eraser. Limited edition.

  • The Blackwing Volume 57 pencil is a tribute to the work of Jean Michel Basquiat. Consisting of a hexagonal cedar wood body with golden ferrule and replaceable black eraser. Very soft graphite, equivalent to a 4B.

  • Blackwing Slate A5 notebook medium size special edition Jean Michel Basquiat. Contains 1 Volume 57 soft graphite pencil and some original Basquiat illustrations printed on the inside. 160 pages. 100 g white paper with gold edge.

  • Slate notebook with matt grey cover. Ivory-coloured paper 100 g. 160 pages. Flat binding. Includes a Blackwing 602 pencil. Available in dotted, white or lined paper.

  • Notebook with black cover and pen holder with 1 pencil Eras extra hard graphite pencil limited edition. Dotted ivory paper 100 g. 160 pages.

  • Replacement eraser for Blackwing pencils in a pack of 10. Soft and rectangular design that fits into the flat eraser holder of your favourite Blackwing pencil. Available in different colours.

  • Blackwing One-step pencil sharpener for long nibs. Precision sharpener for graphite core and wood. Small and easy to carry. Made of aluminium with German steel blade. Can hold up to three sharpenings before needing to be emptied.

  • Blackwing two-step pencil sharpener for long and fine points in two steps. First the wood and then the graphite lead is sharpened to obtain a fine point. Matt rubber finish for extra grip. Includes two blades made of German steel.

  • Blackwing pencil cap made from lightweight aluminium. Allows you to protect and keep the tip intact when transporting in bags, cases or in the pencil holder.

  • Blackwing Pearl pencil, from the basic Palomino Blackwing line, with medium-soft Japanese graphite lead, firmer than Blackwing 602. Elegant pearl white finish and hexagonal shape. Square golden ferrule with white eraser.

  • Blackwing Matte graphite pencil. It has the softest lead of the 4 Blackwing Palomino models and produces a smooth, dark line. Matt black finish with golden square cap and black eraser. Ideal for musicians.

  • Box of 12 Blackwing Colours pencils with a soft and creamy lead and cedar wood shaft. With a hexagonal barrel and a metal cap on the top, which gives the pencil perfect weight and balance.

  • The legendary Blackwing 602 pencil from Palomino. Lead made of premium Japanese graphite, mixed with clay for strength and wax for suppleness (their motto is: half the pressure, twice the speed). Cedar wood and pink eraser.

  • Blackwing Natural pencil from the Palomino basic line. Extra firm Japanese graphite. Hexagonal barrel made of incense cedar wood, natural matt transparent finish and square golden ferrule with replaceable grey eraser