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about us


more than a
Fine Arts Shop

Daniel Miranda Melchor

For the Miranda family, Artemiranda is an extension of ourselves, it carries our DNA, our way of seeing and understanding life. It cannot be separated from ourselves, for better or worse.

We understand that the most valuable assets for a family business are its employees, its suppliers and its customers, which is why one of our main goals is to improve the work-life balance of the former, to maintain loyal and committed relationships with suppliers and to offer a better service to the customers.

In these uncertain times we live in, we want to promote our way of understanding life and business. We believe this to be important, since not all companies are the same, nor have the same principles, without considering whether they are better or worse.

The fundamental principle by which we make business decisions is simple, treat employees, customers and suppliers as we would like to be treated ourselves. This is embodied by the following commitments:

Personalised Customer Service:

The origin of our company is a traditional shop based on customer care and service. My grandfather Ángel Miranda used to repeat the phrase, "Always exceed the customer's expectations; never sell the customer short."

In 1999, my father, Javier Miranda, decided to take a leap of faith and to initiate a complete transformation towards a 21st century shop, moving the physical shop counter to an on-line shop, but making sure not to lose our essence. And so, today, with the same initial spirit of Ángel Miranda in 1922, Javier Merino and Susana Martín on the web, Álvaro Santamaría and Álvaro Perote in the shop, try to offer the best advice and solve any doubts or day-to-day problems, just as we have been doing for a hundred years.

The key to our customer service lies in the training of our team: five of them are graduates in Fine Arts, two of them are graduates in Art History and more than 50% of our staff have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the different artistic subjects. When this knowledge is not enough to solve any of our clients' doubts, we rely on the advice of some of the best professionals in the world.

We are different

and we tell you why here.

Real Time Stock
The website allows you to easily find out how many units are presently in stock and to get a rough estimate of how long it will take to replenish them.
Express Service
97% of orders received before 13:00 on a business day are shipped the same day.
Worldwide Shipping
We have customers in more than 130 countries including places like Martinique, New Zealand and Japan.
Mobile App
It allows for faster access to the customer service areas, status of your orders, online shop, and only if you opt in we will send you news and promotions.
Verification of orders
Before we send out your order, we check product by product that everything is okay so that there are no surprises.
Tracking of Parcels
We check the status of the packages on a daily basis and if we discover any incident, we immediately try to solve it.
Conservation and Maintenance of Materials
Controlled temperature to ensure optimal preservation of the goods.
Paint Tubes
They are stored horizontally rather than vertically as in traditional displays. This takes up more space which makes it less cost-effective, but it largely avoids the separation of the paint components and the gush of oil or gum when the tube is opened.
Brushes always in good condition
Each brush has its own space in the automatic warehouse, thus avoiding manipulation and guaranteeing at all times that it arrives exactly as it left the factory.
We have more than 20 types of standard packaging. Packing your order is by far the most time-consuming activity of the ordering process. Our goal is that everything arrives in perfect condition and to achieve this we spare no effort.
Adapted to Public Institutions
We work with some of the most important institutions in Spain, such as the Prado Museum, the Thyssen Museum, the Archive of the Indies, the National Library, the National Mint and Stamp Factory, the Joan Miró Foundation and hundreds of schools, town councils, provincial councils, etc.
Errare Humanum Est
Even so, ocasionally not everything goes to plan and, in those cases, our team members Javier Merino and Susana Martín will try to solve the issue as soon and as well as possible by phone (+34 923 244 397), email ( or web page chat.


to Art and Artists

From sponsoring the first avant-garde group Koiné of young artists in 1956 to the present day, at Artemiranda we have always believed that supporting artists is fundamental, therefore, we collaborate with them ( We have also attended and sponsored hundreds of artistic events all over the world, from Peru to Ukraine and Italy, with a particularly intense collaboration with Spanish artistic groups.

Socially Responsible

we care about well-being

Collaboration with NGOs and Solidarity Projects:

We believe that part of our profits should be given back to society by cooperating with humanitarian associations, which is why we collaborate or have collaborated with: Red Cross, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Relatives of Alzheimer's patients, FML (Spinal Cord Injury Association), donation of gloves during the first Covid wave, direct aid to those affected by the volcano in La Palma ...

Reconciliation of Work and Family Life:

As a father of three children, I am fully aware of how important it is to have free hours outside the working day to be able to enjoy the family, to fulfil oneself as a person and to have time to pursue and promote other interests. For this reason, our employees work in the morning shift between 7:30 and 15:30, offering in many cases the option to work other hours if the employee so requires, except in the physical shop where a continuous working day is not possible at the moment. Teleworking came with the confinement and has been introduced in a mixed way to a large part of the workforce as a way to save time, travel costs and to facilitate family reconciliation.

Fair Working Conditions:

At Artemiranda we understand that the best thing that can happen to our company is that good employees stay with us. For three generations we have been looking after our team so that they stay with us, which is why 100% of our employees are permanent employees. 100% of the company's profits are reinvested in the company in order to become more competitive and efficient every day, thus guaranteeing the future of all our employees. The life circumstances of all of us change over time, so we try to adapt to the vital needs of each of our employees at all times. Although men currently represent 60% of the workforce, women are the majority in decision-making positions. We consider taxes to be a fundamental part of the welfare state to which we must all contribute according to our means, therefore, our salaries are paid at 100% and our working hours are in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. We care about the health, comfort and well-being of our workers. Work cannot be a risky activity or harmful to health, which is why we have invested close to 6,000 € in ergonomic anti-fatigue mats that alleviate leg overload, tables adapted to the height of the worker, always seeking the best ergonomics and installed heating in warehouses with a height of eight metres and a surface area of 1,500 m2. Bulky goods are moved and lifted by trolleys, pallet trucks or electric stackers to minimise the risk of injury.


and Sustainability

Aware of the importance of the environment, in recent years we have carried out a series of energy efficiency actions detailed below, with the aim of saving water and electricity and, above all, generating less waste and environmental impact:

Investment of 60,000 € in an installation of 50 solar panels and a smart accumulation system which is the first of its kind in Spain and which allows us to be 98% self-sufficient for half the year, and 70% for the other half.
Investment of 7,000 € in a cardboard die-cutter that allows us to reuse 100% of the cardboard that arrives at our warehouse and with which we make the filling of the packages.
Most of our packaging is manufactured in Salamanca with recycled cardboard, or in neighbouring provinces, thus reducing transport costs and pollution.
We reuse 100% of the packaging and filler we receive from our suppliers, which is why we sometimes receive Porex filler balls or air bubbles in our shipments. Even if we don't like them, we would rather give them a second life than throw them away.
Separation, recycling or reuse of most of the waste that arrives at our facilities.
We strive to reduce the use of plastic in shipments, but when this is not possible due to logistical reasons or for reasons of security of the goods, we try to ensure that it can be easily separated for recycling.
Our main material suppliers also work with environmental policies that are non-discriminatory and healthy with their environment.
We work with environmentally committed transport companies such as GLS, DHL, SEUR, UPS and Spanish Post (Correos).
We do not include paper documentation in our shipments, everything is sent by email.
We have created an Outlet section to dispose of discontinued or damaged material in order to avoid waste.

For these reasons and many more, it is not surprising that many of our customers place their trust in us because they know that behind the name Artemiranda is a company where human and social values are paramount, where the people who will serve them are real people with names and surnames who will be in the shop in the future and who will remember them and will give them a personalised and exclusive treatment.

And for choosing us we can only thank you and give you our commitment to continue working to improve every day.