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List of products by manufacturer MONTANA

  • Inks to fill markers and dabbers. Alcohol based. Permanent. Suitable for interiors and exteriors. High resistance to light. Very good adhesion.

  • High quality solvent based paint. Its good opacity and fluidity make it an ideal product for filling dabbers and markers, although it can also be used using other techniques. Fast dry. Glossy finish.

  • Street Dabber empty refillable pen with interchangeable bullet tip. To be filled with Montana Street Paint.

  • Montana Pro 70% Ethyl Alcohol Spary. Hydroalcoholic solution designed for cleaning and disinfection of all types of surfaces, including glass, metal and plastic. High disinfecting power. Without perfume. Quick evaporation without traces.

  • Fat Pink broad-line diffuser nozzles for sprays by Montana colors. Spot diameter of 5 cm. Perfect for filling large areas faster, fades, gradients of higher quality and cleanliness and flares or funnel defects.

  • Skinny Cream fine line spray nozzles for Montana colors spray paints. 1.6 cm spot diameter. Created to fill small surfaces and create fine lines. Perfect for details, points and lines that require greater precision.

  • Universal Yellow medium nozzles for Montana colors paint sprays. 3 cm spot diameter. Created to fill areas of color faster. Ideal for calligraphy, filling surfaces, flares or funnel effects.

  • High pressure Montana Hardcore synthetic spray paint with a glossy finish. Reformulated range for faster drying and excellent color coverage. Perfect for graffiti, fine arts, signage, crafts, and industrial uses.

  • Montana Water Based spray paint with mild odor and low pressure. To apply on iron, steel, plastic, wood or even on expanded polystyrene. High durability matte finish. For decoration, interiors, exteriors, etc.

  • Montana 94 spray paint, synthetic and matte finish. Low pressure. Excellent coverage in opaque colors. The range has fluorescent colors for high luminosity finishes and spectrum colors to give volume and shadows. Very fast drying.

  • Montana industrial antioxidant spray primer based on solvent-based acrylic resins and corrosion-inhibiting pigments. Good adhesion, high covering power and very high resistance to weathering. Easy application and repainting.

  • Montana PRO matt transparent fixing spray lacquer to fix drawings and protect items for indoor use. Perfect for pastel, pencil, watercolor, charcoal and any support where a matte finish lacquer is required as a fixative. Fast dry.

  • Montana PRO paint spray for frames. Protects and enhances paintings painted with acrylic and oil techniques. It can also be applied on other types of materials to give them protection. Available in glossy, satin and matte finishes.

  • Montana PRO acrylic spray varnish to protect and enhance the shine of materials such as wood, cork, wicker, porous and non-porous varnishing surfaces, ... Glossy, satin or matte finish. Great durability and adherence. It does not yellow.

  • Montana PRO synthetic varnish in spray to protect and enhance paintings painted in oils and other techniques. Ideal application on wood. Very fast drying and high scratch resistance. Available in glossy, satin and matte finishes. UV protector.

  • Montana PRO Spray Gesso Primer to create the first coat or bottom on a porous surface such as canvas, fabric or cardboard. It dries very quickly and has excellent flexibility. It does not yellow. Perfect for fine arts, crafts and DIY.

  • Montana PRO spray primer to create the first coat or background on a surface or as a final coat if we want a matte white result. Very fast drying and excellent covering power. It does not yellow. Repaintable.

  • Montana PRO anchor primer for plastics in spray formulated with special additives that provide adhesion on polypropylene and some other plastics. Easy application and repainting. Good elasticity.

  • Montana Pro reflective spray paint. In the dark it reflects incident light onto its surface in the same direction. High level of reflection. It can be applied on metal, plastic, glass, wood, stone, etc. Permanent. Very fast drying.

  • Montana PRO metallic acrylic spray paint with quick-drying metallic colors. High content of pearlescent pigments that give it a high-quality glossy appearance. It does not need later varnish. Stable outdoors. Fast dry.

  • Montana chalk board spray paint that transforms walls and columns into chalkboard. Ideal for interior decoration, restaurants, businesses, etc. It is also used to hold school blackboards. Matte black finish. It does not contain lead.

  • Montana PRO spray solvent for cleaning fresh stains on non-porous surfaces. Fast evaporation and high degreasing power. For cleaning clogged spray nozzles and painter's utensils. Not suitable for cleaning skin and hands.

  • Montana PRO acrylic photoluminescent spray paint. Designed with pigments that are charged with light in a short space of time, to emit it in the absence of it. For marking, signage, surfaces with no light, graphic arts, etc.

  • Spray stripper to easily and effortlessly prepare and / or clean before painting the surface to be painted. Chloride free and easy to apply. Colorless.

  • Montana PRO spray contact adhesive with great adhesion capacity. Formulated with adhesive resins mixed with aliphatic solvents. It does not deteriorate materials such as polyurethane, etc. Perfect for DIY and industrial processes.

  • Montana PRO repositionable spray adhesive formed by acrylic microspheres that adhere to the surface and allow the joined pieces to be repositioned for a few hours. Perfect for design, photography, architecture, etc.