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List of products by manufacturer ARTGRAF

  • Liquid graphite by ArtGraf. Fluid liquid with a high concentration of pigment with a lead tone. Ideal for calligraphy, drawing, watercolour, hand lettering, etc. Perfect for creating a wide variety of textures and compatible with any type of paper.

  • Ink with a high concentration of graphite. Dilutable in water. Ideal for use in engraving, screen printing, calligraphy, Sumi-e painting, etc. High quality ink with lead finish. Compatible with watercolours and dry techniques.

  • The classic and neatly packaged ArtGraf kit contains a 20 g tin of graphite watercolour paint, a soft, water-soluble 8B pencil and a No. 4 pocket brush for use with both products. A perfect gift.

  • Tailor Shape ArtGraf set with 3 tablets of pressed, soft, water-soluble pigments that allow different degrees of opacity and transparency. Primary colours: Yellow, red and blue. Presented in a cork tray for easy use.

  • Cork case with 6 tablets in earth colours. Inspired by traditional tailor´s chalk, they are blocks of pressed pigment. Extremely soft and water-soluble, they allow for a wide range of light, dark and opaque colours.

  • Tailor Shape ArtGraf set with 3 tablets of pressed, soft, water-soluble pigments. Enables various degrees of opacity and transparency. Colours: White, graphite grey and carbon black. Presented in a cork tray for easy use

  • Small blocks of pressed pigment (inspired by traditional tailor´s chalk) for drawing and painting. Extremely soft and water-soluble and allow a wide range of light, dark and opaque colours.

  • The solubility and fixation properties contained in the composition allow precise control of the grey tones, from transparent to opaque, by controlling the proportion of water and graphite.

  • The ArtGraf Soft Carbon pens by Viarco are very similar to traditional carbon pens. However, they have the advantage that they have an extremely soft lead, which enables a new and pleasant drawing experience.

  • Water-soluble graphite pencils. Extremely soft, extra thick lead for drawing different strokes and capturing the wide range of graphite grey tones. Available in two degrees of hardness: 2B (silver) and 6B (black).

  • 2 long graphite pencils (22 cm) in a special edition made of cardboard. Elegance, softness, lightness and precision. ArtGraf 22 cm pencils. Black pencil: soft graphite, white pencil: water-soluble graphite.

  • ArtGraf graphite watercolour paint. Wide range of light and transparent grey tones, from the deepest black to the softest grey by simply moistening the product with a wet brush. Quick drying and correctable.

  • 9 cm long, pressed graphite watercolour pencil, very soft and soluble, with which a wide range of grey tones can be achieved. Ideal for traditional graphite drawing. Details can be emphasised and washed out by adding water.

  • Large water-soluble graphite chalk for drawing on a large scale or on large surfaces. This graphite block with 8B hardness transforms into a soft drawing and colouring instrument. Ideal for large-scale drawing.

  • Soft, malleable graphite modelling clay to create your own drawing tool and create a variety of colour tones and contrasts. It can be kneaded and moulded into any shape, giving you more control over the stroke.