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List of products by manufacturer TALENS

  • Set of 12 Ecoline Duotip markers with double tip. Basic colours. Each pen has two tips: a wide bevelled tip for fine, broad lines and colouring large areas and a fine round tip for drawing and detail. Water-based ink.

  • Ecoline Duotip marker with double tip. Wide bevelled tip for fine or broad lines and colouring large areas and a fine rounded tip for drawing and detail on the other side. Water-based ink with dyes and gum arabic.

  • Ecoline Duotip packs with 6 markers. Themes of the sets: Urban landscape, Botanic and Basic. Each Duotip pen has two tips: wide bevelled and fine bullet tip. Water-based ink.

  • Ecoline Duotip in sets of 3 markers: grey, primary or secondary. Duotip markers have a wide bevelled tip and a fine bullet tip. Water-based ink, dyes and gum arabic.

  • Manga starter set that includes: Manual How to draw Manga Kids by the artist Jape from channel 365 sketches, 1 Pigma Micron 03, 1 Pigma FB, 4 Koi markers, 1 blue Bruynzeel pencil and 1 white Gelly Roll and 1 Bristol paper notebook for Manga.

  • Talens Urban Sketching Set including: Urban Sketching manual, 1 Pigma Micron 05, a refillable brush, 1 pocket box of watercolors with 12 godet media and a sketch book with a soft cover of the chosen color. Available in various colors.

  • Set to create your own Bullet Journal. Design, create and plan your day to day, trips, tasks, appointments, events, calendars, etc. Materials included: Step by step manual, dot book, 2 black Microns, 4 Koi Coloring, 3 Gelly Roll and 3 washi tapes.

  • Talens professional painter's palette, classic oval shape and oiled wood finish. Very resistant, easy to clean and store. Perfect for oil or acrylic painting.

  • Oil painting paste, prevents wrinkles when thick coats are applied. Increases the transparency of the oil while preserving its viscosity, the durability of the paint film and does not yellow. Can be diluted with turpentine or white spirit.

  • Giant wooden pallet with counterweight. Measure 70 x 47 cm. Varnished wood. Perfect for oil, acrylic and other wet techniques.

  • 150g Ecoline paper pad for printing or scanning, designed to enhance and maintain the brightness and intensity of colors. You can work on it once the work is printed or scanned. Perfect for design, illustration, comic and calligraphy.

  • 290 g paper pad for Ecoline inks and markers and wet techniques. Maintains the brightness and intensity of the inks. Perfect for designers, illustrators, watercolorists, fashion designers, and artists in general. Pad glued to 1 side.

  • Talens Leda tabletop easel, made of oiled beech wood, with transverse slats. Very stable, light (400 g), easy to transport and store. Perfect for small canvases of maximum 31 cm or supports for paper or pads.

  • Nice study easel by Talens, made of oiled beech wood. Adjustable height with metal zip system. Supports canvases up to 150 cm. Top stop and wheels for easy movement. Supplied in mounting kit.

  • Watercolor Pocket Box with 12 medium godets Van Gogh selection of metallic and special colors. Detachable palette with 6 wells and Van Gogh round brush no. 6. Ideal for working outdoors or in the studio. Durable and easy to clean material.

  • Watercolor Talens aluminum easel. Foldable, very light (only 1.05 kg) and resistant. Adjustable in height and tiltable to a horizontal position to paint with watercolor. In vertical position, it supports canvases up to 120 cm and up to 10 kg in weight.

  • Ecoline liquid watercolor set by Talens. Water-based liquid paint based on intense, bright colors that can be mixed. Glass bottle with dropper. Fast dry. Ideal for calligraphy, illustration or coloring pictures.

  • Talens oval shaped plastic palette. Practical traditional palette with 11 cavities for mixing. Suitable for acrylics and tempera. Easy to clean and use. Recommended for any fan of painting.

  • Liquid watercolor marker cases and Ecoline Brush Pen Talens brush tip. Flexible tip for making fine, thick or filled lines. Ideal for sketches and touch-ups. Vivid and intense colors.

  • Talens aluminum paddle in a circular shape, with 10 cavities for mixing. Suitable for acrylics, watercolors, tempera and almost any other type of paints. Easy to clean.

  • Rectangular and resistant professional painter's palette, special for oil. Finished in oiled wood, easy to clean and store, which makes it exclusive to use only with this technique (oil painting).

  • Formentera desktop easel in pine wood. Height adjustable central strip up to 39 cm. Maximum canvas height up to 60 cm.

  • Talens Ecoline watercolour is a ready-to-use water-based liquid paint based on dyes and gum arabic. It is not waterproof. Fast drying. Ideal for calligraphy, illustration or colouring photographs.

  • The new Brush Pen Ecoline marker from Talens is very easy to use. It is used for both fine and thick strokes and for fills. It is also odorless. Ideal to apply together with Talens Ecoline watercolor. Includes a Blender.

  • Talens special kneadable eraser for charcoal, graphite and pastel work.

  • Twin-tipped paper stumps for artistic drawing. Available in 5 different thicknesses (from 5 to 20 mm). And a set of 3 paper stumps of 5, 7 and 10 mm.

  • Optimal for oil or acrylic painting, however they are suitable for any technique -Watercolor, ink, pastel, engraving ...

  • Professional carbon stainless steel painting knives. Tempered and polished by hand. High flexibility and resistance.

  • Disposable paper palettes of 30 and 36 sheets. Waterproof, glued on 2 sides, they are made of a specially treated paper to allow the mixing of paints (oil or acrylic) and a rigid cardboard backing for a comfortable use.

  • Oval-shaped smooth white plastic paddle. Various sizes available.

  • Rectangular smooth white plastic pallet. Various sizes available.

  • Empty briefcase box, Talens Pico, in varnished pine wood. Includes paddle, metal bucket and interior spacers. Metal clasps and leather handle for transport. Perfect for oil paints, acrylic, tempera, brushes, etc.

  • Briefcase box, Topo model, empty, for painting materials. Made of varnished beech wood, it includes a trowel, metal closures and a metal bucket with separations. Leather handle. Perfect for oil paints, acrylic, tempera, brushes, etc.

  • Rack bag for transporting racks or slats, metal plates, folders ... 70x90 cm.

  • Telescopic field easel. Metallic, black in color. Stable, light and easy to clean. Bag included. 30% DISCOUNT AND TRANSPORT BAG INCLUDED

  • Opaque and highly pigmented gouache. High quality gouache for painters, designers, illustrators and education. Intense colours due to its strong pigmentation. Dries in two minutes.

  • Black ink for drawing, calligraphy, gouache work and common Indian ink applications. Based on very solid pigments and shellac, it gives intense black results. Water-thinnable, water-resistant after drying.

  • Canvas boards made of cotton with universal preparation and stretched over and MDF board.

  • Very flexible Excellent for pastel, however, they are suitable for any technique - Oil, acrylic, watercolor, inks ...

  • Auxiliary products, varnishes and fixatives for painting and drawing Talens brand in Spray format.

  • Universal primer for preparing several types of surfaces. It can be coloured with acrylic colour. Provides good adhesion for oil colours, acrylic colours and gouache.