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List of products by manufacturer MICHAEL HARDING

  • Solvent-free, odourless, vegan and vegetable-based medium. Perfect for thinning oil paints and facilitating their application. Ideal for thin layers, creating glazes and transparencies. Can be used to clean and recover your brushes with dry paint.

  • Beeswax paste made with linseed oil, turpentine and bleached beeswax. Perfect for giving body and consistency to oil paint. Quality product, ideal for use with opaque colours.

  • Fast drying enamel medium. Ideal for adding depth, glazing, enhancing colours, accelerating the drying properties of oil paints. Solvent-free and sustainably produced. Vegan product.

  • Bee oil resin. Smooth paste perfect for creating satin and full-bodied colours. Ideal for creating thickness, working on impasto technique and creating textures to give character to your work.

  • Medium made from Canada Balsam, dammar resin and linseed oil. Perfect for thinning the paint and making it easier to apply. For thin layers, to create glazes and transparencies. Can be used for recovering and cleaning brushes with dry paint on them.

  • Refined gum turpentine for oil paints. Used both for first coats and for glazes, to accelerate drying time and to give fluidity and flexibility to the paint. Used as a plasticising agent, to give gloss, highlight colours and brushstrokes.

  • Refined poppy seed oil for oil paints. High quality, non-yellowing. Ideal for use with white and light blue colours, to bring out colours and to work wet on wet. Slows down the drying time of the paint.

  • Pale refined linseed oil. Lighter oil than traditional linseed oil. Adds strength, fluidity and slows down the drying of oil paint. Oil that improves the brushstroke and increases the brightness of the colours. Highest quality oil.

  • Standard refined linseed oil for quality oil colours. Ideal for enhancing paint brightness, increasing resistance and fluidity, creating glazes and transparencies. It also slows down colour drying time and provides a professional finish to your work.

  • Quality refined safflower oil. Perfect for diluting and highlighting the colours of your artwork. Light yellow tone perfect for white and light colours. Can be used in the final coats to homogenise the surface and to produce glazes.

  • Oil with refined walnut extract. Perfect for slowing down the drying of oil paints, thinning paint, giving a glossy finish and highlighting colours. Adds strength, flexibility and quality to the final coats of your work.

  • Refined linseed oil medium. Dilutes, homogenises and slows down the drying of oil paints. Honey-like viscosity. Perfect for increasing the flow of the paint. Ideal for top quality artwork.

  • Michael Harding professional hand painted oil colour chart. Accurate guide to see the final finish of each oil colour before deciding to buy it. Over 90 highly pigmented colours. Highest quality handmade finish.

  • Michael Harding non-absorbent acrylic primer. Excellent flexible and permanent primer for acrylic and oil paints. Preserves the gloss, body and vibrancy of the paints. Durable and effective. For use on linen, wood, MDF and other substrates.

  • Plein Air Painter oil paint set by Michael Harding. Buttery, easy to handle colours, perfect for landscapes, skin tones, etc. Contains no fillers or additives.

  • Plein Air Master oil paint set. Bright, vibrant cadmium and blue colours with excellent blendability. Michael Harding oils are easy to handle, have a buttery consistency and are formulated without fillers or additives.

  • Oil painting starter set. Michael Harding oils have a buttery consistency and are easy to handle. Authentic, bright, vibrant colours with excellent blendability, no fillers or additives.

  • Michael Harding professional hand painted watercolour colour chart. Highest quality handmade finish. Accurate guide to see the final finish of each oil colour before deciding to buy it. More than 130 colours, 92 of which are single pigments.

  • Michael Harding oil colours with a buttery, easy-to-handle consistency without fillers or additives. Authentic, bright and vibrant colours with excellent blendability.

  • Michael Harding watercolours with high tinting strength. Extra fine and highly pigmented for intensity, clarity and permanence. Easily removable after drying. Lightfast.