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List of products by manufacturer MAKERS CABINET

  • Compass for drawing simple, concentric or shaded circles with its inner movable grip. Made of solid brass with stainless steel blades. Adjusts to create and measure circles in diameter from 3 to 7 cm.

  • Leather case for extra protection of the Ferrule gold metallic pencil pencil.

  • Top quality Badalassi Carlo leather case, made in Italy and tanned. Designed to protect the Makers Cabinet Stria folding rule.

  • Italian made case with premium Badalassi Carlo leather for Makers Cabinet's Iris circular drawing tool. Attaches and fastens securely to provide an extra layer of protection.

  • Makers Cabinet decorated cardboard box including drawing and writing tools for architects and designers. Contains: 1 Høvel flat pencil sharpener with its wooden base, 1 Stria folding ruler and a set of 12 Blackwing Natural pencils.

  • Decorated cardboard set box that includes drawing and writing tools for artists and creatives. Contains: 1 Hovel flat pencil sharpener with its wooden base, 1 Iris circular compass and a set of 12 Blackwing Natural pencils.

  • Solid gold brass Stria folding ruler with a sturdy finish. Tactile feedback in 45 degree increments up to 180 degrees. Designed to help you measure and draw creatively. Dovetail hinge.

  • Pencils in packs of 6 units in hardness HB and 2B. High quality and sustainable PEFC certified Indonesian incense cedar body, a light layer of natural cellulose is applied to protect the pencils. Perfect for pressing Ferrule pencils.

  • Protective leather case for the Hovel solid brass flat pencil sharpener.

  • Hovel pencil sharpener base in walnut or cork. Works as a chip chamber while sharpening. Elegant and functional design, perfect on any desk.

  • Hovel solid brass flat sharpener. Allows you to change the angle while sharpening, thus achieving an infinite variety of tips. Sharpens all kinds of pencils without breaking the lead: soft like pastel or hard like carpenter's.

  • Gold metallic pencil holder that will extend the life of your pencils. Ferrule fits most normal-size pencils, and is designed to work perfectly with Makers Cabinet pencils.

  • Replacement blades for the Hovel solid brass flat sharpener. Made of carbon steel. Each pack contains 10 blades.