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List of products by manufacturer DECOART

  • Decoart Glow is a luminescent acrylic paint with a matte finish. Shine in the darkness. It looks perfect during the day. Permanent. non-toxic

  • Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating is a transparent drying coating that allows you to transform an already painted surface into a chalkboard. It can be used on patterned backgrounds. Easy to erase and clean. Matte finish. Not toxic.

  • SoSoft Paints are opaque acrylic fabric colors. They give excellent coverage and have a remarkable resistance to washing. With SoSoft DSF1 fabric medium, transparency effects can be achieved or used as a base coat.

  • Reusable 7 or 10 cm letter stencils with traditional and contemporary edging and borders. Easily create letters or words and decorate your project. Resistant and flexible plastic that adapts to the contours of the pieces to be decorated.

  • Stencils for stenciling with varied, resistant and reusable motifs. For indoor or outdoor use. Manufactured by Decoart Americana in flexible plastic, to stamp various motifs on furniture, fabric, glass, plastic, paper, etc.

  • Adhesive templates for stencil and stencil techniques, with varied motifs. Resistant and reusable. Manufactured by Decoart Americana in flexible plastic that conforms to the shape of the objects that we want to decorate. Size: 15 x 20 cm.

  • Convert any surface to whiteboard quickly and easily. Ideal for decoration, crafts, etc.

  • DecoArt Ink Effects is a transfer type paint, similar to Deka paints, which allows us to create a design on paper and later transfer it to a fabric with a very simple process. Does not stiffen the fabric. Non toxic. Resistant to l

  • Decoart Glass Paint Marker markers are designed for glass and glazed porcelain, but can also be used on porcelain or metal. Bright colors with translucent finish. Non toxic. Fine point. Long-lasting line.

  • Americana Gloss Enamels are cold enamels for painting on glass, glass, wood, ceramic, etc. Similar colors to Americana acrylic with the same names. When it dries it acquires a hard finish. It is not toxic. Acrylic paint.

  • Glass Stain is a paint for glass, glazed ceramics and rigid plastics. Mixed with GLS01 (clear) thinner, transparency effects or lighter shades are achieved. Can be mixed with Americana acrylic colors.

  • Satin finish self-sealing acrylic paint that does not require primer or varnish. Suitable for any surface (wood, ceramic, plastic, fabrics, metal, paper, glass ...). Excellent coverage. Resistant to moisture and mold. Non toxic.

  • Americana is a superior quality, multi-surface, non-toxic, matt acrylic paint with a very high pigment concentration and constant viscosity. Colours are easily miscible with each other. Range of 249 colours.

  • Decoart Dazzling Metallics Colors can be used on almost any surface, applied by sponge, brush, splash, etc. They are very bright metallic colors, water-based, non-toxic. They look best on dark or black backgrounds.

  • Decoart Americana Neons colors are highly pigmented fluorescent acrylic paints applicable to any surface. Excellent coverage. Constant viscosity. Durable finish. Not toxic.