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List of products by manufacturer CLEOPATRE

  • Clear liquid resin for use with a UV-LED lamp. Ready to use. No bubbling. No yellowing. Dries in seconds with Cleopatre UV lamp.

  • UV lamp for curing UV LED resin in seconds. Can be used with metal, glass and silicone moulds that allow light to pass through. Size unfolded: 160 x 68 x 85 mm.

  • Flexible silicone mould for epoxy resin the alphabet in capital letters. Easy to remove. Retains the gloss of the resin.

  • Flexible transparent silicone mould for epoxy resin. Includes 29 vintage costume jewellery figures. Easy to remove. Retains the shine of the resin.

  • Extra strong special glue for costume jewellery. Transparent. Aluminium tube of 30 g.

  • Flexible silicone mold for epoxy resin with 12 shapes for pendants. Easy unmold. Preserves the shine of the resin.

  • Flexible silicone mold for resin with 16 shapes for creating earrings. It unmolds very easily. The fineness of the mold maintains the shine of the resin.

  • High quality silicone mold for resin, it can also be used with other materials such as plaster, or waxed concrete, etc... Includes 2 pieces to create decorative stones. They unmold easily. Maintains the shine of the resin.

  • Neutral tylosa powder glue. It allows to manufacture a high viscosity glue with a low concentration of glue agent. For book restoration or light paper gluing such as Japanese. odourless. non-toxic

  • Extra strong white glue ideal for framing, gluing and binding. Thick and odourless. Flexible and transparent finish when dry. Fast dry. Does not yellow.

  • Extra strong liquid glue in a tube. Dries in 10 seconds. For all types of surfaces including glass, plastic and metal.

  • Sili-Glue is a transparent thick silicone glue for all types of supports, both for 3D gluing and assembly of complex objects. Long drying time that allows corrections. Precision nozzle tube.

  • Starch glue made from potato dextrin. Organic product. neutral pH. For gluing light materials, restoration (repair, folding, and delicate glues (reinforcement paper) or even hinge assembly.

  • Extra strong gel glue. Tube with funnel 3 g. Dries in 10 seconds. For all types of surfaces including glass, plastic and metal.

  • 2-component Cleopatre Patamould paste to mix and create your own flexible silicone molds in just 10 minutes. The created molds can be used up to 50 times with all kinds of plasticine, plaster, epoxy resin and polymeric pastes.

  • Cleopatre Ecole too glue for crafts, suitable for children from 6 years. Allows immediate adherence of pieces even vertically and reposition them for an hour. It is easily cleaned from clothes and tables before drying.

  • Cleopatre 3-in-1 vinyl medium: varnishes, glues and hardens. Strong and flexible glue that can be used as a clear and glossy finish varnish or as a paint medium improving adhesion and gloss. It also hardens paper and fabrics.

  • Cleopatre glue special for polystyrene. It does not damage or deform the material, when it dries it remains transparent and gives a very fast and strong fixation with definitive drying in 24 hours.

  • Cleopatre Vinyl ecole white vinyl glue, ideal for manual work, school work, porous materials, paper, cardboard and wood due to its thick texture that does not deform the paper and makes it easy to apply. It is easily cleaned before drying.

  • Stamping medium transfer that allows you to directly stamp images on supports such as paper, textile or wood, absorbing the colors of the printed paper, which dry together with the medium layer, leaving the image transferred to the new surface.

  • Cleopatre Resin pad is a resin work pad, made of non-stick silicone, which allows the resin to be easily removed when it dries. It has drainage channels, a support area for rings and 7 molds to create fantasy jewels.

  • Medium to create cracks and crackle. Very easy to use. Create cracks and fissures in both gouache and acrylic paint. It can be used on any support or surface including vertical surfaces.

  • Cleopatre Porcelain glue special for porcelain. Ideal for small repairs, porcelain decoration, mosaics, etc. Transparent finish, washable up to 30º.

  • Silicone oil to activate the creation of cells and alveoli in acyl paint. Perfect for pouring and resin art. Dropper dispenser to apply easily, without using a brush, a few drops are enough to create surprising effects.

  • Cleopatre Glass Lack 2-component epoxy resin to mix and imitate a glass layer up to 4 mm thick. The result is brilliant and very resistant. Perfect for enameling photos, polishing objects, finishes, creating jewelry, etc.

  • Cleopatre Glass Flex is a two-component mixing epoxy resin that creates an imitation of a lightly colored flexible glass layer up to 2mm thick. Perfect for creating jewelry and decoration pieces, varnishing canvases, etc.

  • Accessory bag for mixing and working the components of Cleopatre Crystal Diamond, Cleopatre Glass Lack and Cleopatre Glass Flex resins. Contains 5 glasses of 30 ml + 5 spatulas to mix and spread the resin + 5 pairs of gloves.

  • Cleopatre Textile glue for fabrics. Especially indicated in creative haberdashery, garment customization and scrapbooking. It allows gluing rhinestones, buttons, ornaments, etc., as well as gluing fabrics to other types of supports. Machine washable up to 30º.

  • Cleopatre Adhesive transparent strong glue special for paper and cardboard. It does not warp the paper or support used and does not stain. Manufactured since 1930, composed of water and PVA. Pleasant glue to use, of great resistance, conservation and duration.

  • Cleopatre tail specific for textiles, felt, sequins, creative haberdashery and customization of fabrics. When drying it becomes transparent. Strong permanent fixation in 24 hours, once dry resists water and machine washes up to 30º.

  • Crystal Diamond Cleopatre is an epoxy resin, made up of 2 products, that creates a solid and transparent material like glass with a shiny effect like glass. For creating jewelry with molds, tray bottoms, inlay objects, etc.

  • Cleopatre Crystal Diamond epoxy resin colorant with a high pigment concentration. Preserves the transparency and hardness of the resin. Includes a dropper nozzle. Colors are miscible with each other to create matter effects.

  • CleoStyrene glue specific for polystyrene. Very strong, almost immediate and long-lasting hold. Definitive drying in 24 hours. Includes precision nozzle.

  • 3mm wide neutral PH double sided tape adhesive roll. Valid for all types of supports and mounts thanks to its extra strong adhesive. Specially designed for scrapbooking works and creative montages in different materials.

  • Ph neutral and double-sided Cleofoam 3D-effect adhesive tape for all types of supports. It allows to create envelopes, volumes and hiding places in albums and scrapbooking pages. Tape 10 mm wide, 2 mm thick and 5 meters long.

  • Extra strong white glue, with a neutral Ph and that becomes transparent when it dries. For porous surfaces such as: paper, cardboard, porcelain, cork, etc. Perfect for binding, earthenware or porcelain repairs, cardboard, on fabrics and framing.

  • Invisible flex-resistant contact glue. Very strong and elastic. Perfect for complex repairs and creative setups. Special solvent-based composition that allows for fast and long-lasting bonding.

  • Polyacrylic glue for all types of smooth substrates (plastic, glass, metal, paper, cardboard, wood, fabrics, etc.). Dries faster and is stronger than traditional white glue. It resists outdoors (great resistance to water). Very thick texture.

  • Cleotoo stick glue for all types of supports. Very strong adhesion. Immediate drying. Very practical container format for small gluing, school work, crafts, etc.

  • Clear water resistant Cleotoo glue in tube format to apply on smooth substrates. Ideal for scrapbooking, decoration and crafts in glass, metal or plastic. Fast dry. Solvent free.

  • Small size gun for glue or glue stick. Very safe due to the low temperature it uses. It adapts to difficult assemblies and allows to glue materials such as cardboard, ceramic or plastic. It is used with a 7mm diameter bar.

  • Large size gun with trigger and prepared for maxi-size glue sticks. Includes support bracket, 2 glue sticks and an extra nozzle for important gluing. For DIY, models, cardboard pieces, paper, etc.

  • Gun for 3D decoration paint. Includes support and anti-drip system. It can be used with or without a cable (hybrid system) which makes it easier and more comfortable to use. 3D painting can be used on all supports: fabric, cardboard, etc.

  • Varnish to vitrify, creates a glossy layer resistant to UV rays, scratches and heat. Contains no solvents. Hardens in a home oven at 80º or in 7 days of air drying. For all types of supports including glass, porcelain, plasticine, etc.

  • Glue varnish to fix and protect the puzzles. It allows to stick and varnish them on flat surfaces. Once dry it becomes transparent. Provides an extra shine to colors and increases their resistance over time.

  • Matte finish glue varnish for decoration, patchwork and scrapbooking. Very fast drying on any surface. Waterproof. Solvent free. Valid to apply on wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, plaster, etc.