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List of products by manufacturer CHELSEA CLASSICAL STUDIO

  • Chelsea Classical Studio sample bucket containing 8 paint aids: oils, mediums, solvents, varnishes, soap and brush cleaners. Perfect for testing all the brand's products and as a gift for artists.

  • Chelsea Fat Medium based on extra pale linseed oil and lavender essence dammar varnish. Created for the last layers of paint as it thickens the oil giving it more shine, consistency and adherence. Dry slowly. Does not yellow

  • Lean Medium Chelsea composed of extra pale linseed oil and lavender oil solvent. Perfect for the first layers of paint. It dries very quickly and does not yellow. Improves adhesion and resistance of paint. Prevents cracking.

  • Solvent with lavender oil essence for oil paints, resins and varnishes. It evaporates as fast as turpentine but it is a natural solvent, used since the Renaissance, that does not contain chemicals or petroleum products.

  • Protective varnish or to mix as a paint thinning medium and reduce drying time. Contains essence of lavender oil which is a solvent used since the Renaissance. No petroleum derivatives, turpentines or dangerous vapors.

  • Lavender Touch-up Varnish offers superior and classic protection for oil paints. Made with pure dammar resin and lavender oil essence. Allows both protection and breathability. No harsh chemicals.

  • Chelsea natural cleaner for brushes and painting supplies. Non-toxic alternative to turpentine. It can be used during the creation of the works as a cleaner for used brushes or as a cleaner for all tools at the end.

  • Chelsea Lavender and olive oil soap made with natural ingredients, without chemical detergents. Bar soap for cleaning brushes and hands with a pleasant lavender scent. Cleanses and hydrates deeply and gently.

  • Chelsea natural cleaning solvent with citrus scent. Natural alternative to turpentine for cleaning brushes and painting supplies. Respectful with painting tools because it is very little abrasive. Citrus aroma. Not toxic.

  • High quality linseed oil, very pure and clean, does not darken or yellow like other oils. It reduces the drying time, increases the resistance to the passage of time as well as the gloss of the oil paint. Free of chemicals.

  • Extra pale walnut oil, very clean. Purified by traditional methods, it enhances the richness and brilliance of whites and light colors. Dries slower than linseed oil. Manufactured without chemical elements. Non-toxic AP certificate.